Birthdays & Other Celebrations

So tonight I’m finally getting to take Zach out on his birthday dinner! We’re going to a place called Venue in Lincoln and we’ve both already looked at the menu and planned out what we’re getting! Lol. This will definitely be my cheat meal and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve worked really hard to stick to my plan so it’s exciting to know I get to eat something off the plan tonight!

Another cause for celebration is my weigh in results from this morning! I weighed on a different scale when I started than the one I used today so it may not be completely accurate, but if it is, I lost 12 pounds! I had to weigh myself three or four times just to make sure that’s what the scale said! I know healthy weight loss is supposed to be 1-2 pounds a week but I’m just following a plan a trainer made up so I figure there can’t be too much harm being done! Either way I’m very proud of myself. 

So I’m excited to celebrate Zach’s birthday tonight and hopefully I don’t gain those 12 pounds back 😉
Cya post food coma,


Happy Birthday Zach! 

So today it’s my boyfriend Zach’s 20th birthday, and I’m sitting at his apartment watching friends while he’s at work, so his birthday may be a better day for me than it is for him! Lol. Anyway, I made him baklava (pictured below) this afternoon and I can proudly say I didn’t eat a tiny bit of it! It may not be the prettiest baklava you’ve ever seen, but hey it was my first try at it! So far on my 15 day challenge, I haven’t eaten a single thing I’m not supposed to. (Which was very hard to do when last night my friend got Olive Garden).  Also, tonight my family is getting together to eat pizza but you know I’m bringing my honey chicken stir fry from my meal plan (yum!) excited to weigh in on Monday and also to have my cheat meal when I take Zach out to dinner for his birthday Monday night! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, it is BEAUTIFUL out ❤️ 


My return! 

Hellooooo everyone,

I haven’t posted in a million years it feels like. 

Not much has changed in my life except for the fact that I completely fell off dieting once thanksgiving break rolled around. 😦

But here I am, starting up again today. I’m currently doing the IdealShape 15 day challenge. It consists of a very specific dieting plan. 

The first two and last two days are called “flush days.” I think they’re supposed to just get your body ready for the next 2 weeks or whatever. You’re supposed to drink a gallon of water a day (which I am already struggling with) and eat 6 meals throughout the day. For the flush days you’re eating almost no carbs, which is different for me because I love carbs!! But I’m making it through. I feel like all I’ve done today is eat! Lol.

Anyway, so I just started this challenge today. It’s free, for anyone who is interested. They also give you workouts for the 15 days and some good information about a whole lot of stuff.

I’m using this 15 day challenge to get in the right mindset for their 12 week challenge! 

Zach’s birthday is coming up (still haven’t gotten him a present, whoops), and so dinner that night will be my one cheat meal of the 15 days, although they tell you to keep it under 600 calories! Which when you’re eating out, that can add up really fast. 

Tonight is Bachelor night so I’m going to finish up my post workout smoothie and relax a little before heading over to my big sissy’s house to watch!

I will try my BEST to post as often as possible.
Also, somehow almost forgot that last week a girl told me that my blog inspired her to start working out and that she lost 7 pounds because of me!! It was really sweet and exciting to hear that my words helped someone. Now hopefully they help me a little more! 

Near the End 

I’ve been so bad about posting lately! I need to get better!! 


So thanksgiving break happened between my last post and now. It was a much needed break because now everything is starting to get crazy with studying for finals! Less than 3 weeks to go and I’ll be halfway through my freshman year! I can’t believe that, the time has gone by so fast.

Back to thanksgiving though.

So I think I mentioned in my first post (maybe not) that I love food. Who doesn’t love food? So Thanksgiving is naturally one of the best holidays. Plus I loved getting to be at home for awhile even though I was actually pretty busy the entire break! I tried my hand at making a homemade apple crumble pie and also homemade crescent rolls and for my thanksgiving they both turned out really well! 

As for my boyfriend’s thanksgiving on Sunday…

I may have tipped the pie while carrying it and caused the topping and some of the filling to flow over the side leaving a gooey mess. And I also might’ve burnt one pan of the crescent rolls. But not to worry, I made a new pie Sunday morning (right after I discovered that I ruined it) and we cut the bottoms off of the crescent rolls and they turned out just fine. 

My diet sorta kinda maybe went out the window a little bit over the break. I sat in the cold at the Husker game on Friday and watched them (sadly) lose and obviously concession foods aren’t the best, but sometimes I feel like you shouldn’t have to always sacrifice bad foods. You don’t want to look back on something and be like “omg that day sucked I was so hungry the whole time because I was on a diet and couldn’t eat anything from the stadium!” I wanna look back and be like “I hung on to that Runza for dear life while walking over the super slick bleachers because my stomach needed to be warmed by that Runza!”

Best philosophy? Probably not. But I think sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow and try not to get too down on yourself.

I type this while remembering the fact that I haven’t weighed myself this week. Probably best that I haven’t.

Tomorrow marks a sad day because it’s my last session with my trainer 😦 she’s really a wonderful lady and none of this would be possible without her and her push-ups and burpees and pull-ups and other hard things that I always groan about when I have to do them but am actually really thankful for in the long run. She’s taught me to be so much more mentally tough and that’s the kind of push we all need in our lives.

In other news, I’ve decided I want to transfer from my current college, and I really would like to go out of state. That’s scary for me but I really feel that I’m just one of those people that needs to explore other opportunities and get out there a little bit. It’s not a final decision yet (gotta talk to mom about it) but it’s a decision I really want to go through with. If I could start a GoFundMe for my out of state tuition I would! Lol, that’s not selfish is it? I think what’s the scariest is that my friends and family are here and it’d be hard not knowing anyone if I left, but sometimes those are sacrifices we have to make. I’ll keep everyone updated on that. 

Also a girl in my speech class gave a speech over the paleo diet and while itd be hard for me to do with an on campus meal plan, I’d like to do it in the future. Does anyone have good/bad things to say about it? Giving up dairy and grains would be hard for me because I love milk and bread! Lol. But like I said before, sacrifices. 

I think that’s all I have to catch up on. I need to post more! 

Happy holidays 


Catching up!! 


I haven’t posted in such a long time! I’m not sure if anyone really missed me, but we’ll pretend that everyone did ;). November has been pretty busy…ish so far! Lol. But hey Thanksgiving break is coming up, and it’s going to be much needed. But that also means TEMPTATION!! not eating my heart out on thanksgiving and all the days after will be difficult, but I think I just might be able to do it 😂 

So interesting fact, I broke a machine during my workout today! Long (or not so long) story short, I pulled a cable with a handle attached to it across my body, and because I’m so dang strong, the cable snapped! My trainer said its because it’s old but I think it’s because of my superhuman strength. Speaking of working out though, Monday’s workout was killer and my legs and butt are killing me!! Stairs have been rough the last few days to say the least. 

Now that I’ve gone to class and worked out today, I think it’s time for a well deserved nap. I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday this week has just been so long! But next week I get to spend time with my family, go to a Husker game, attend my sister’s baby shower, and go to my boyfriend’s Thanksgiving! So it’s going to be an eventful break! 

Hard to believe first semester is coming to a close. I’m going to miss my environmental concerns class so much! It’s my favorite by far. 

Also I think I could write a 10 page paper on how fired up I get about this whole refugees situation. But I won’t, I’ll spare you from my craziness! 
Until next time,

Hannah xx

Happy Monday!!

It’s official.

I am only 1.5 pounds away from losing all the weight I gained back over break. It’s upsetting because I could be way under that weight by now, but I’m trying to not get too down on myself about it. I’m going to lose some and gain some back sometimes because life gets in the way and there’s nothing you can do about it. But I’m still loving the small victories that come with each pound lost whether it be new pounds or pounds that I’ve gained back. I’m just proud of myself for not letting some gained weight get me down and make me stop. 

So even though today is a Monday, it’s a happy Monday. My day of classes ended at 9:50, so I can’t complain about too much. 

I have a workout at 4:00, and that’s another reason to be happy. I always kick butt at my Monday workouts!! I don’t know what it is about Mondays that makes me so much more motivated to work my hardest, but I won’t complain! 

Also, the last time I checked the stats for my blog, it had almost 500 views! Which is crazy, I never thought it would get that many. I’m so grateful for everyone that reads every post I write and also the new visitors I may get every once in a while. 

This blog has helped me a lot by making me feel like I’m held accountable for something. I don’t want to let the readers of this blog down by giving up on this diet (which I have no intention of doing). 

I’m happy that I’m slowly but surely working toward a goal. I don’t expect it to happen in a few months, or even a year. But I’m just slowly coming along and reaching some smaller goals in order to achieve my big one. 

It’s November though, which means thanksgiving is coming up. My thoughts on thanksgiving are that just because it’s a holiday, it doesn’t give you the excuse to go overboard, but also make sure you don’t stress over every little thing you put in your body. Enjoy the time you’re spending with your family and eat a piece of pumpkin pie if you want because you shouldn’t have to be miserable just because you’re on a diet. I’m thankful for this new journey I’m on, but I’m also thankful for delicious, not so good for me foods on occasion. 

Do stay away from the leftovers the next day though. 😉 

Happy Monday!

Hannah 🙂

Sweater Weather

Hi everyone!! 

Posting just because I haven’t in awhile.

It is COLD here. Feels like 35 and the wind is super strong. Needless to say I’m dreading the walk to my workout, but not getting hot during it!! 

Good news for the day: today in the cafeteria they had banana pancakes!! At 90 calories I didn’t have to feel so guilty about indulging in some delicious pancakes! 

I feel like I’ve been slacking on this blog lately. So I’ll try to get better. On Monday I weighed myself and I’ve lost 4 of the 7 pounds I gained back over break. So I’m getting back on the wagon, and I’m pretty excited about that. My workouts have been going really well lately. I’m working harder than ever and my arms are finally starting to get a little strength. I’m actually starting to dread legs way more than arms now! 

On Monday I had a bit of a weak point during my workout. I was doing an exercise with my trainer and it was really hard for me, and I tried giving up. The point of the exercise was basically to make sure I stayed down in a squat the whole time, and anyone who has tried that knows that your legs get really tired while doing that! So I stood up straight and literally said “I’m going to die.” I started letting my body and my mind get all worked up and then I kind of took a step back and was like “wait a minute, no, I’m not going to die. I can do this.” And I got two more reps in. Now what’s important here is that I didn’t give up. I wanted to, that’s for sure, but not only did my trainer keep her faith in me and make me get back on the horse, but she helped me to calm myself and also asked why I had felt that way after I was done with the exercise. I told her that I was used to my legs being strong and my arms being weak so when I do hard leg exercises it’s kind of different for me and it’s harder for me to push through. I let it get into my head that I couldn’t do it, and I tried to give up. Whereas with my arms I’m used to them being weak so it’s really no surprise to me when something upper body related sucks. 

But anyway, I just want everyone to remember that you CAN do it, no matter what it is. 

As for my diet, I’ve been doing better. I’m trying to get better about writing my foods down because that seems to be the most effective thing for me. 

No matter what, you always have to find something that works for you. I don’t like using apps on my phone as much because I like the simplicity of just writing down what it was I ate and how many calories rather than typing in a bunch of stuff. But that’s just me. You find what you think is best, and you will see results. 

In the spring semester of 2017, I want to go on a study abroad trip to Greece so although it’s far away, it’s my motivation to get fit and skinny! I almost think having a far away goal helps because we all know you don’t get skinny in a month. 

Signing off,

Hannah 🙂